Jason Bruges Studio provided the station artwork titled "Piston Effect" consisting of a series of glass panels on the west walls at concourse and above the northbound trainway.Behind the panels are liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that detect the passage of a train and then produce a lighting display in various tones of black and white.We have been and continue to be fully committed to reaching a collective agreement and to supporting our contract colleagues to the best of our ability within the constraints that we all operate under at York and in the system,” the statement says.

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“Most likely (the members) will direct the executive to strike because people are very upset about what they’re being offered and what they’re not being offered. It’s always a possibility but it just became a lot stronger of a possibility.” Union spokesperson Leena Nasr said members "directed negotiators to make themselves available to York University over the weekend" but said workers will go on strike Monday if nothing else changes.

Arend said he understood that a strike would negatively impact students but said the school’s latest offer was “ludicrous” and “concessionary.” “We understand that it’s difficult for students, it’s difficult for everybody.

Contract faculty at York University last went on strike in 2015.

York University is a subway station on the Toronto–York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE) of Line 1 Yonge–University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

It is located on the main Keele Campus of York University, near Ian Macdonald and York Boulevards. More than 1,400 Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) buses served the campus every weekday at the York University Bus Loop, in addition to hundreds more from other services including GO Transit, York Region Transit / Viva (YRT), Brampton Transit's Züm, and Greyhound.

The arrival of the subway resulted in a reduced number of buses entering campus as the 196 York University Rocket bus route was eliminated and other routes such as the 195 Jane Rocket, 199B Finch Rocket, and 60 Steeles West were reworked to service Finch West station and Pioneer Village station instead, leaving only the 41A Keele and 106 Sentinel routes servicing the university's grounds directly.The university’s main buildings lie to the west; Seneca College’s York campus is found to the south, and the Aviva Centre to the west.The station was built underground, lying on a northwest-southeast axis.The students are inconvenienced by this,” Arend said.The school is holding as many classes as they can for non-CUPE members.” He said that one concessionary measure the school was pushing was reducing the number of contract faculty that are promoted into full-time tenure track positions at the university from eight positions per year under the last agreement to only two per year in the current offer.The line approaches from Finch West station along Keele Street, then bends towards the northwest to meet the station.