Listen to this podcast → Bryan Teare's mission in life is to help others not freak out about turning 25. Let's be honest--Mattie giggles this entire episode.Listen to this podcast → Friends all the way back from kindergarten, Mattie chats it up with crafting and organizing extraordinaire Misty Lavigne.Tia Reiss is my go to spiritual expert but since she's also a single mom with two kids, she keeps it real y'all. Instead of hippy dippy she just gets to the heart of how to find peace in your own hectic day. He's one of LA's top celebrity stylist and he knows what he's doing. I know, even his name sounds like a soap star, and he's pretty enough to be one. If you've never worked in theater let me tell you something--stage managers have got their shit TOGETHER.

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She's just one of those people that within the first five minutes of meeting her, you're like, "She got it together! So get your Mountie loving, hockey playing, Anne of Green Gables loving self in on this show, because Steph Tolev is bringing the Canadian comedy to this week's episode.

" Listen to this podcast → I do NOT understand why Ori Kalmus is single. Listen to this podcast → From sitcom star to my human sexuality teacher, Leila Kenzle is just one of those naturally joyous people who just makes you bubble with feel goodness.

Jen Briney from Congressional Dish wonders what the hell are in those things and she made an awesome podcast about it!

Listen to this podcast → Is your life like a country song?

Don't ask us how Mattie lucked out and scored this interview. Listen to this podcast → Kate Casey's life seems perfect. But sugars, y'all have NO idea how far she has come to get her happy.

Also, Poodle aka Jake is co-hosting on this episode!

Listen to this podcast → I mean..funny queens talking about what inspires them. Oh yeah, and Westopher has abs, is a personal trainer, and has his life WAY more together than Mattie.

Listen to this podcast → I mean, if you find another person with your same name who lives ten minutes from you---you need to interview him right?

Whether that’s a can of worms or whoop-ass is for you to decide.

But either way, I’m not about to pretend I’ve figured out any definitive solution to such a complex issue.

On the 100th episode of Dear Mattie, Mattie sits down with Matt to have an unexpected, candid, and truly heartfelt conversation about connecting and finding purpose.