Listen to this podcast → Heather Mc Donald is a famous AF comedian, who has her own stand up special, has written two books, wrote and was on Chelsea Lately.

Oh and she's the host of the insanely popular podcast, JUICY SCOOP!

On the 100th episode of Dear Mattie, Mattie sits down with Matt to have an unexpected, candid, and truly heartfelt conversation about connecting and finding purpose.

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I love Kenny & Nelson so much that I decided to have them on the show. Listen to this podcast → Oh lord, Todd Ritz is smart, funny, buff-as-hell, and well traveled..aren't we dating?! Well at least I have him to offer some great Midwest insight on this week's show. Listen to this podcast → Nico Ospina is an attorney, a cross-fitter, a great boyfriend, and a damn good friend.

I think, for this episode, we forgot the mics were on cuz we talked about some personal stuff, sugars! Listen to this podcast → Who says boring corporate networking events don't lead to big things? Listen to this podcast → This might be my most anticipated episode of The Dear Mattie Show yet!

She's just one of those people that within the first five minutes of meeting her, you're like, "She got it together! So get your Mountie loving, hockey playing, Anne of Green Gables loving self in on this show, because Steph Tolev is bringing the Canadian comedy to this week's episode.

" Listen to this podcast → I do NOT understand why Ori Kalmus is single. Listen to this podcast → From sitcom star to my human sexuality teacher, Leila Kenzle is just one of those naturally joyous people who just makes you bubble with feel goodness.

Listen to this podcast → Matt sits down with Groundlings comedy elite, Drew Droege and Colleen Smith. Once on the Real World, Karamo now is a host for Oprah, Dr. Topics include: being dragged to boring weddings by your spouse, trust issues, pot smoking vs.

And as funny as Drew and Colleen are, this conversation was moving at times. Listen to this podcast → Matt Marr sits down with OWN's Karamo Brown.

No literally, we both worked on an online show and we did a story about a pig that soars through the streets on motorcycle. I'm in Oklahoma right now, and I just couldn't pass up having my big brother dole out some advice AND some embarrassing childhood stories. Listen to this podcast → Paul Gordon is maybe one of the biggest game show casting directors on the planet.

Listen to this podcast → Sugars, I did NOT get the Fashion And to be a good casting director, you need to be able to read people and be able to connect with them...which is why I knew Paul would be great on the show. Listen to this podcast → Dawn Mc Coy is THAT neighbor who cooks food for you and just sits right down on your front porch for a chat. She's also the creator of Beauty, which is all things beauty, baking, & being. The shit is gettin' real y'all on the Dear Mattie Show.

Whether that’s a can of worms or whoop-ass is for you to decide.

But either way, I’m not about to pretend I’ve figured out any definitive solution to such a complex issue.

Listen to this podcast → I mean..funny queens talking about what inspires them. Oh yeah, and Westopher has abs, is a personal trainer, and has his life WAY more together than Mattie.