After several episodes stressing how great either of these women would be for Jack, his conundrum makes sense and leads accordingly to a love triangle between Jack and these two women. Derek Jeter" begins this with a stereotypically sit-com style night of Jack jumping between the two women and trying not to be caught along the way.It's a cliché—hell it's one of the biggest cliches a sit-com can have—but 30 Rock knows this and for the most part just doesn't care.

There are a handful of restaurants that maintain a solid and impactful presence in this town; establishments that built the foundation of the city's dining scene, and made it what it is today.

From old standbys to inventive, limit-pushing dining experiences, these are the restaurants that make Louisville, Louisville.

Jack's indecision about the women of his life continues into "Khonani," but in a less interesting way.

He's decided to lock himself in his room until he makes a decision about who to stay with, but is profoundly unable to do so and makes any excuse to escape his self-imposed exile.

While Jack is dealing with this crisis, Liz is doing every singles event she can find in order to meet someone.

The episode goes back to the old "No one wants to be with Liz even though she's actually gorgeous" well a bit, but her behavior at these meetings shows off why no one's too interested.

This leads him to actually caring about a janitorial issue that he'd otherwise ignore entirely.

The janitorial shift business is something I really want to like.

"There ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party cause a Liz Lemon party is mandatory." "The secret service never gave me back my t-shirt cannon." "I am innoventing...