At this point both Nancy and Avery are equally interesting, and it's hard not to feel like Jack's caught in the midst of this mess.

My guess is that he'll eventually go with Avery as that's less of a truly serious relationship which would change the show in a more permanent way, but his indecision is understandable.

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That being said, Jack's love triangle dilemma is now being extended into a third episode and it feels like things should be over by now. Stray Observations: "You look like a prison weed dealer.""Lemon are you wearing a cup?

"-Singles dodge ball is just the worst idea imaginable.  Visually entertaining, though."Tomorrow is the wine and cheese tasting, or as I like to call it: singles fart suppression."-National Lampoon's Van Wilder 's Wingman Incorporated"The grownup dating world is like your haircut, sometimes awkward triangles occur."-Mrs.

"There ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party cause a Liz Lemon party is mandatory." "The secret service never gave me back my t-shirt cannon." "I am innoventing...

Louisville's culinary star has risen, and risen, and generally bewildered culinary astronomers with its greatness -- but it didn't get there on its own.

But Tracy's attempt at staying around his wife involves him putting an electric dog collar on in order to fight his instincts and is wonderfully insane in the way that Tracy does best.

This also means his dog, Tracy Sr., escapes and chases Kenneth (who'd been assisting Tracy in tending to his wife) back to Liz's party. does exactly what his namesake would and wrecks the joint and steals the party, though perhaps with a bit more vicious biting.

Liz spends her time being jealous that all of her employees go out without her every week and plans revenge while Tracy is forced to opt out of attending her revenge party in order to try and be a good husband.

Liz's party is annoying at first in being once again about how no one likes her and she's no fun, so nothing new.

 the last two episodes of 30 Rock were aired on the same night, but not back to back.  There's a lot of plot to run through so let's get right down to business (and as a result we're a little light on commentary this week).

It's also an odd way to watch things, and especially jarring because one of the primary concerns of both episodes was Jack's love triangle with Nancy Donovan (Julianne Moore) and Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks).

Anything that gives the writers more time is usually a good thing, and this is no exception.