Box 1018 City: Barberton State: Mpumalanga Zip: 1300 Country: South Africa Phone: 0 Email: [email protected] Web Site : Summary : Rural practice with gratifying results since applying principles of orthomolecular medicine ▲ Top Name: Carin S., Auditory Integration Training International Practitioners' Forum ( The focus of my practice is mainly that of offering assistance with paediatric recovery programmes for autistic children, which incorporates the work of the Defeat Autism Now!

I told them I didnt even get a phone call and asked why it di not go live on the net she said they somtimes put it live on the net but this time they didnt and it would cost me more to do that .

AND if you waste almost £2 and buy the paper the numbers published are also…

Read Full Review Written on: 28/08/2012 I put a ad in the ad trader to sell 4 puppies they said i was classed as trade so I had to pay £23.50 for one week it was extra for 1 picture it took 2 weeks to get it on ad trader then when the day arrived it wasnt on the net so I rang them they told me it would be on the next day but never did go on the net they rang me today to ask if I sold them all .

It will not do simple things you ask eg : search area and because it so rammed with ads its sloww I have been trying to sell a set of Drums on there for about 6 months as i have now stopped playing them want to class me as a TRADER saying that i have advertised lots of drums under Musical Tnstruments..they bothered to look they would see that is an ad for the SAME DRUMS ....

Also if you contact people via the website they charge you a Premium rate ...

Dann erhielt das Projekt, das federführend der Axel Springer Verlag auf den Weg gebracht hat, den Arbeitstitel DIPP.

Jetzt geht die Datenallianz unter den Namen Verimi Ende 2017 offiziell an den Start.

Then i paid a thousand pound for 10 weeks advertising and specifically said do not take any money out and i even rang thier finance department when they continued to take 96 pound a week.

They said they would stop then i have checked my bank this week and the sales department have been taking money every week of £96 a week even though i paid a thousand 5 weeks… Ads for every area came up and when i tried search with the postcode the ads were still from miles away (half way down the country).

id=1758 or Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine: Consensus Group for natural recovery of children with autism, although my practice also caters for a vast number of adults with a variety of health problems, in particular cancer (I have a personal history of natural recovery from cancer) and Lyme Disease.