Actually he is living in her basement, I don’t why he is living with his ex-wife, he says he is broke, maybe he is but you would think that’s the last place he would wan to be.

However, they do have a remarkable relationship and he seems not too care if she is dating, she is single ad she has that right.

He was a WBA (Super), The Ring and WBC light middleweight champion, WBA (Super) and WBC Welterweight champion, and of course, the IBF Lightweight champion.

With a strong admiration as the foundation of their relationship, both Jin and Sydney know it is now or never to give love a try.

Jin Mosley, divorced from boxer Shane Mosley, who is still such a regular presence in her life he’s sort-of living with her, much to the understandable chagrin of Sydney Hall, a club promoter who would like to give dating her a try.

Previously married to famed boxer Sugar Shane Mosley, Jin retired as his manager but is still actively involved in the boxing and MMA scenes.

While she gladly takes on the role of PTA mom shuttling the kids from various sporting events to friend’s sleepovers, Jin also has a party girl mode and makes sure she schedules time for herself so she doesn’t burn out.

Jin and Sydney have been friends for five years, but one or the other has always been in a relationship.

Working in the nightlife and restaurant industry, Sydney is surrounded by beautiful women all the time, but is ready to settle down.

Meanwhile, Jin is just entering the single life after her divorce to famed boxer Sugar Shane Mosley.

While neither has ever acted on their impulses towards one another, they both have feelings for each other.

Ever since he defeated Eddie Alvarez in stunning fashion to become the lightweight champion at UFC 205, fans and fighters alike have been telling Conor Mc Gregor to 'defend or vacate'.