They even went as far as claiming that her own boyfriend accused her of murder. But now she can put all that BS behind her, because she's having a baby! "There has been a lot of talk about this, and it is the moment to confirm the news," Ninel said. I kept silent because I wanted to wait for the risky three months, and since they already passed, I wanted to take the moment to clear it up." No wonder she was so eager to share the news!

"Thank God this is a blessing that has come into my life after many years of yearning for it. Only problem is, Ninel's teenage daughter Sofia, from her ex, actor Ari Telch, wants to move out.

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The nasty rumors that have broken out ever since she started dating Giovanni have been outrageous.

Seriously, some fool literally came out accusing her of having an abortion because of a recording.

The album consists, a duet with singer Jose Manuel Figueroa entitled “Callados”.

Apart from it, she has been part of the TV’s “Big Brother VIP”. Apart from it, Ninel is famous for her roles on “7 Mujeres”, “Mujeres Infieles 2”, and “Un Homosexual y Carlos”.

On December 7, 2007, Conde married her second husband, businessman Juan Zepeda.

: Naya Rivera fired from 'Glee' over feud with Lea Michelle Ninel Conde hasn't had it easy lately.In 2005 goes on sale their second album "La rebelde" from which emerge the songs Todo conmigo, Ingrato, Que no te asombre, y Tú.Conde began appearing on the American dramedy series Ugly Betty where she portrays an actress on a 'faux' telenovela that is seen by the main character's family.From 1996 to 1998, she was married to Mexican actor Ari Telch.She and Telch have one daughter together: Sofía (born May 7, 1997).Apparently she wants to go live with her father because she's tired of her mother's dramatic scandals.