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After college, the jazz/rock bassist Rick Lassiter and TV and film composer/drummer Chad Fisher joined the band.

After developing a following together, Loeb and Mitchell parted ways a few years after college.

Loeb has appeared in two television series, “Dweezil and Lisa”, a weekly culinary adventure for the Food Network and Number 1 Single, a dating show on the E! In conjunction with Camp Lisa, she launched her own non-profit, The Camp Lisa Foundation, designed to help underprivileged kids attend summer camp through its partnership with Summer Camp Opportunities Provide an Edge, Inc. At Brown, she and Elizabeth Mitchell formed a band named Liz and Lisa, including future singer/songwriter and Brown classmate Duncan Sheik as a guitarist.

The duo released the albums Liz and Lisa (1989) and Liz and Lisa: Days Were Different (1990) independently.

Loeb gave Hawke the tape of Juan Patiño’s version of "Stay (I Missed You)" to director Ben Stiller during the making of the 1994 film Reality Bites.

Stiller subsequently decided to use the song in the film’s ending credits, and Ron Fair decided to put it on the soundtrack on RCA records.Hawke also directed a rare one-take video of “Stay” with no edits.In September 1995, Loeb's debut album, Tails, was released.She also contributed to An All Star Tribute To Cher with “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves,” and to An All Star Tribute To Shania Twain with “Don’t Be Stupid,” both of which were released in 2005.Her greatest hits compilation, The Very Best of Lisa Loeb, was released through Universal in January 2006 as well as a Japanese version of the album.Other international work includes Loeb’s guest performance on the song “Anti-Hero” for an all-female Japanese musical group Rin's album Inland Sea.