Adrianna begins to open up to Naomi about her secret.Meanwhile, Silver and Dixon spend the day together at the beach, but things take an awkward turn when Dixon says three little words.

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Things spiral out of control as they start freaking out and sharing their deepest, darkest secrets.

The whole things seems pretty intense (and scary in a very real way), so we sat down with Gillian to get the scoop on her character Jenna, what it's like to have mostly guy friends, and how well she thinks her friends actually know her.

17: What's your favorite thing about your character Jenna? She's a tomboy, but what I found interesting was how protective she is of herself. I actually went to the school Mean Girls was written about, so you can only imagine what my high school experience was like!

Underneath all these tough layers, she's still your average, vulnerable girl with a crush on a boy.17: In your own life are you more of a guy's girl or a girl's girl. I was more comfortable with guys growing up, but now I find myself more comfortable in my own skin and open to people, regardless of their gender or popularity or any other label, as a result.17: This movie is all about letting down your defenses, and figuring out how well you really know your friends.

When Dixon tries to slow down the pace of their relationship, Silver takes a trip to Kansas to learn what he was like before coming to Beverly Hills.

Unfortunately, her fragile mental state gets her involved in a difficult situation.The people in my life are friends I have by choice. I only have the time and energy for so many people, which has cut down my friend group to a handful, but I'm so much happier with fewer good people, who really do know me.Check out the trailer for The Truth Below here and tell us what you think below!You might know Gillian Zinser as 90210 surfer-chick-turned-teen-bride Ivy, but this month, she's starring in a new movie called The Truth Below, on MTV (June 16, at 10 PM).In the movie, Gillian and three guy friends (including her crush) get trapped in a car in an avalanche, on a snowboarding trip.Kelly persuades Brenda to take over as the play's director, but they end up arguing over Kelly's involvement with Ryan.