And now that Reigns is actively "chasing" Orton, they could have a title feud built in.

But I think there's also a better than average chance that a new face will reach up and grab the belts.

Last month, “The Straight Edge Superstar” and the WWE Divas Champion were shown seated together and getting close at Wrigley Field during WGN’s broadcast of a Chicago Cubs versus Pittsburgh Pirates game.

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But I'll get back to the actual ring action in a moment.

Let's take a wildly romantic detour for a second and revel in CM Punk and AJ Lee getting married over the weekend!

I suppose it depends on how safe the WWE wants to play it these days.

With the huge money loss and massive layoffs and all.

Because he still did the thing where he lifted Sheamus in the air and gave him the euro. But him using uppercuts as his method of regular fighting vanished.

Anyhow, there's certainly a depressing chance that Orton or Cena could walk away with the belt(s) again.

" can of whoopass/worms) On Smackdown, creative made a concerted effort to have Cesaro stop using euro uppercuts. Was it done to make him more of a standard grappler?

Or did they feel like he was using the eurocuts so much that it took away from his big eurocut spots?

But Roman Reigns, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt being a part of the MITB match makes things a lot more palatable.