Speaking briefly about Cesaro here, did anyone see his match against Sheamus on Smackdown?(which, in turn, opens up a whole "Does anybody even bother watching Smackdown at all? And so there was barely a eurocut for the entire match.

But I'll get back to the actual ring action in a moment.

Let's take a wildly romantic detour for a second and revel in CM Punk and AJ Lee getting married over the weekend!

" can of whoopass/worms) On Smackdown, creative made a concerted effort to have Cesaro stop using euro uppercuts. Was it done to make him more of a standard grappler?

Or did they feel like he was using the eurocuts so much that it took away from his big eurocut spots?

But let's never forget how Reigns conned his way into the match. Because that's what everyone needs at 8pm on a Monday evening. To make sure you don't sleep until Thursday afternoon.

Reign worked his smooth "Hey, baby girl" suaveness on Vicki and then spiked one of the vats of coffee with barf juice.And now that Reigns is actively "chasing" Orton, they could have a title feud built in.But I think there's also a better than average chance that a new face will reach up and grab the belts.Steph drank it and then projectile hurled all over Vicki's face.Which then caused The Authority to take the night off.But Roman Reigns, Cesaro and Bray Wyatt being a part of the MITB match makes things a lot more palatable.