They moved in together immediately and married the same year, forming a hugely successful singing duet.

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The marriage unravelled due to Allman’s heroin addiction.

Now drug-free, he is about to marry his seventh wife.

Sixteen years old and having just left home, Cher met a 25-year-old Warren Beatty, already an established movie star, in a nightclub.

Although he was dating Natalie Wood at the time, he took the teenager back to his LA home.

“I can usually last about two years with a man, and that’s it.” What causes Cher’s relationships to end after two years? She confesses to Parade Magazine that she is still friends with Rob Camilletti. For over a decade, LALATE has been a proud licensed member of the St Louis, MO Press Club.

And if you think Cher met him at a party, at a concert, think again. Cher started communicating with him online via Facebook.

Cher later told Playboy: ‘I did it because my girlfriends were crazy about him and so was my mother. ’ Despite Warren failing to live up to his reputation in bed, the pair remained good friends.

Cher met Sonny, then working as a ‘gofer’ for producer Phil Spector, in a coffee shop.

But she forgave him enough to give the eulogy at his funeral when he was killed after hitting a tree while skiing.