And did you catch the part where we said it’s (1992)Is there a genre that lends itself to vengeance more readily than the Western?

How about a Western directed by Clint Eastwood, a figure who has sought retribution onscreen for the past half century?

But, as the movie goes to great pains to point out, no man or men can take the place of God — or nature, or fate, or however you prefer to view the larger forces at work in this world.

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If you have time for a double feature, check out the Scorsese remake from 1991, starring Robert De Niro as Cady.

— ends with a revelation, one that necessitates an attempt at revenge by the misled flock.

— (2010)Takashi Miike’s dirty baker’s dozen set in the final days of feudal Japan has all you want from the prolific director: imaginatively gruesome violence, 1-on-100 fight scenes, and one-liners so tough you get the vapors.

Nothing is cooler than Koji Yakusho unrolling a bloody scroll that reads “TOTAL MASSACRE,” before he and his dudes slice their way through the army of a murderous aristocrat.

— (1990)In this early-’90s romantic thriller, Kevin Costner plays a recently retired U. Navy pilot who goes to visit a friend in Mexico and ends up having sex with his wife (Madeleine Stowe).

There’s infidelity, violence, a crime kingpin, torture, imprisonment, and even a dead dog.After a lifetime of silent oppression, she takes to the streets looking for trouble — and for every man who would hit on, threaten, leer at, catcall, or otherwise look at her sideways.Now 36 years old, tells the story of a young Korean girl (Kim Tae-ri) who goes to work in the service of a Japanese heiress (Kim Min-hee) with the intention of stealing her fortune out from under her.In celebration of cinematic name-takers and receipt-keepers, Vulture has assembled a viewing guide to some of our favorite revenge movies in Hollywood history. At two-and-a-half hours long, this movie is an endurance test for both its viewers and its subjects.Queue them up on a day when you just don’t have it in you to take the high road. (20)The first part has the Crazy 88 and an A-plus use of the Green Hornet theme, but the second has Uma Thurman’s Bride literally punching her way out of a grave. — (1973)When someone wrongs you and you don’t have the tools to remedy the injustice yourself, just raise your offspring with the specific purpose of serving vengeance on your behalf.The scheming here has: The handmaiden is working under the thumb of a devious con man, and the heiress is living as a prisoner of her creepy, authoritarian uncle.