News, Milano and Bugliari allege that Hellie, Hoffer & Co.failed to pay the couple's bills, mortgage payments and income taxes on time; placed their money in highly risky investments; and "engaged in a cover-up of the escalating financial chaos they created" by withholding information from the couple.

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“It’s edgy and real and about a group of friends who are functional and awesome when they’re together, but outside of their circle, they’re socially inept,” she says.

The show, created by Ricky Blitt (who’s written for ), follows Milano’s character — a lawyer and single mother named Rebecca — as she’s, say, encouraged to have her first one-night stand, and Kyle Bornheimer’s Perry — Rebecca’s childhood buddy who’s now a successful financial planner and Pittsburgh’s most hopeless romantic — as he struggles to please his girlfriend in the bedroom (she likes to be spanked). That’s something I think people can relate to — all those little personal elements that make you have compassion for the characters.

Hopefully the paper trails and literal receipts will provide answers and the deserved outcome for all involved.

But if you've ever signed any type of contract, or had any official business dealings whatsoever, you know that a "paper trail" only sounds tidy.

The Oscar-nominated actor, whose films alone have grossed billions of dollars worldwide, sued his former business manager in January for $25 million, claiming The Management Group padded its own bottom line and recklessly let Depp's financial situation devolve.

The Management Group, in turn, sued Depp for breach of contract, alleging he was the architect of his own potential ruin and, slated to play the Invisible Man, he's been indoctrinated as a member of Universal Pictures' Dark Universe. But though the massive numbers at play in this case are unusual, Depp's hardly the only celebrity who's found himself at odds with the company he hired to look after his the weekend.

Multiply a normal contract by the millions of dollars involved in celeb-level dealings, and you've got more of a paper swamp than anything else.

And history has shown that sometimes one side is clearly in the right, and at other times..just gets to be too much and both sides are compelled to cut their losses.

And even when the income is stratospheric, there are ways to shrink that sum right down to size.