"Hellie knew, or should have known, that this was a highly risky investment," the complaint states.

Between June 2009 and February 2016, the suit further contends, Hellie approved "at least 1,323.17 in capital contributions" for the venture without telling Milano or Bugliari or otherwise obtaining their approval.

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Berdon fired back in court documents, obtained by TMZ, in which they denied any mismanagement and insisted it was Rihanna's (or those around her's) "own financial action or inaction" that caused her to lose money.

They reached an undisclosed settlement and Rihanna dropped the suit in 2014, per Reuters.

News, Milano and Bugliari allege that Hellie, Hoffer & Co.

failed to pay the couple's bills, mortgage payments and income taxes on time; placed their money in highly risky investments; and "engaged in a cover-up of the escalating financial chaos they created" by withholding information from the couple.

So many goodies in exchange for hashtag exposure or a red carpet mention.

And while there are infinite opportunities to spend money in increasingly outlandish ways, there are only so many stratospheric incomes. Some people may be flush enough to be able to leave their average, everyday expenses for a business manager to deal with, but that probably then means those everyday expenses are exceptionally high. Yet even those drool-inducing perks only go so far toward leading an actual life, with taxes, house and car payments, school tuition, insurance, utility bills, data plans and all that the daily grind entails.And even when the income is stratospheric, there are ways to shrink that sum right down to size.As celeb life has acquired even more of a glossy sheen, thanks to Instagram and other social media-driven ways of making brunch look like a million bucks, Johnny Depp's recent highly publicized financial issues have served as a harsh reminder that money is far easier to spend than make, no matter how much you're making.I’d just skip that whole dating part, which of course, never worked.