Sabin returned to ROH in April 2015, and Shelley, who had made a few appearances for the company over the previous few years, followed full time that November.It was only a matter of time before they came back together.From 2006, when they first joined forces for Zero-1 Max in Japan, through 2012, when Shelley left TNA to head to New Japan, Shelley and Sabin brought an energy and creativity that helped them become cornerstones of TNA's revolutionary X-Division as rivals and channeled it into a tag team unlike anything else that company had on its roster.

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It took more than 14 years from the time they debuted in ROH, but the Motor City Machine Guns finally got their first taste of gold with Ring of Honor in September in Las Vegas when they defeated the Young Bucks to win the ROH world tag team titles."I think that's the kind of thing that never gets old," Sabin told, "The kind of thing that you always remember as motivation for why you're wrestler.

When you do something special, like win a title, it's kind of like that dragon that you're always chasing.

Sabin re-established himself as one of the pillars of the X-Division, where he'd ultimately become an eight-time champion with a combined reign of 432 days -- both still records in TNA -- but within a few months of setting out on his own, Sabin tore the ACL in his other knee in June 2012. One ACL injury, I'll be out for six or seven months.

That injury would claim more than a year of his career."After the first injury, it didn't do a lot of damage mentally," said Sabin. I can come back, I'll be just as good, just as strong. Then I had 11 matches, and on my 11th match back, of course, I tore the other knee.

Both played their parts in the early years of Ring of Honor, Shelley somewhat more so than Sabin, but every time they returned as a team, they tended to end up on the wrong side of the equation.

They spent four years apart, as Shelley went to Japan and Sabin became TNA champion.The Motor City Machine Guns would ultimately get one more high-profile shot at the TNA tag team titles, at TNA's Lockdown 2012 pay-per-view inside of a steel cage, but it was not to be.Within a few months, Shelley elected to let his contract expire, and the Motor City Machine Guns were no more"I went my own way, and he did what he had to do for himself," said Shelley.At that moment, neither could have known just how much their careers would be tied together or how much they too would come to be associated with the city of Detroit.Shelley was less than a year into his professional wrestling career, and Sabin less than a year-and-a-half into his.After coming together almost by accident in 2006, and spending more than four years doing their own thing starting in 2012, the Motor City Machine Guns have come full circle.