Also note that flashing BIOS will wipe all settings, so it is recommended that you write down any overclocking settings before proceeding.

when updating bios using asus update-31

Freesexchat room - When updating bios using asus update

I download the bios update but there is no Rom file.

I have no idea; now tell me what I should do to update my bios.

i was wondering if it's a bad idea to use the bios update using ai suite 2 through the internet?

it seems easier than doing the usb method but i don't want to try if it's a bad idea!

After the update is complete, the utility will return to the DOS prompt. Enter the BIOS Menu and load "Setup Default."Save and reboot. Copy your new BIOS files to a floppy disk or USB drive. When the system is at POST, press "Alt" "F2" to enter EZ-Flash.

Alternatively, on late model motherboards you may press "Delete" to enter BIOS setup, then access EZ-Flash from the "Tools" option on the navigation bar. Do not switch off or reboot or you will ruin your motherboard.

i have a sabertooth z77 running stock bios and it's giving me random voltage warnings that don't seem to be accurate.

any tips on the best quickest and safest update method are appreciated!

I can't use the usb feature on the back due to disability and being on my own. The inside OS updating, as Detleg stated, is just ... really really bad, and most of the times not even working.

The last time i updated my bios i had no problems and i am sure it was thru the software?

You can either download it or use the copy on your motherboard's support CD. ASUSUpdate." The "ASUS Update" main window will then appear.