For example you have a started production order with 3 operations and the production order is job scheduled and started.

The first 2 jobs (operations) are completed and feedback, hours and good quantity are reported via the job card journal. Now you have to start the 3rd job but discover that the work center is occupied by a rush job and you have to choose an alternative work center for the last job.

what is an updating function-31

The following example sets the title of the third item in the Announcements list.

To delete a list item, call the delete Object() function on the object.

There is a function on the jobs form called Job Updating that has prompted many questions about just what the purpose of this function is.

You can see it by opening a production or batch order that has been job scheduled, in the Action pane Many users thought that this was not correct but actually this is by design.

The last operation and workcenter is changed on the production route.

After the change, highlight the operation with the change and hit Inquiries/Jobs.

You create a list item object, set its properties, and then update the object.

To modify or delete a list item object, use the get By Id(id) function of the List Item Collection object to return the object, and then either set properties and call update on the object that this method returns, or call the object's own method for deletion.

They are only recalculated when any of the function's arguments change.

A volatile function will be recalculated whenever calculation occurs in any cells on the worksheet. Non-volatile functions are only recalculated when any of the function's arguments change.

The following example uses the get Item By Id(id) function to return the second item from the list, and then deletes the item.