I have tried for years to analyze my attraction to understand it, whether it was the skin color thing, or interests, or physical appreciation of...

Yes, I am a black woman who loves white men and I don't care if you don't like it... I have dated other races of men, but white men have a sex appeal and attraction I cannot shake.

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In your search for understanding your true nature, you may want to ask yourself what it is that attracts you to your friend.

Given what we know from Kinsey about social context and sexuality, what factors of your friendship do you think is driving the attraction/dreams?

In addition, some people identify as a certain sexual identity as one point in their lives, and as another later on.

In other words, sexual behavior and identity are not written in stone, and may shift as we encounter new people or life circumstances.

Coleman's research broke new ground in understanding human sexuality, showing that while some people identify as either gay or straight consistently throughout their lives, a sizeable proportion of people do not.

Many rate themselves as bisexual on questions of desire (or near a three on Kinsey's scale) but maintain exclusive gay or straight relationships.

The group for White guys who like Black women only has maybe four stories and about thirty members. I find the dark hair and chocolate colored skin absolutely beautiful, and most of... Like most black women i know, i grew up in a predominately African-American neighborhood in Philadelphia and was taught that white men were weak, effeminate and raciest. He looks like he's feeling it...always kind smiling and full of laughter returning the flirts.

When I was the age of 19 I started dating a 40 year old white man who made me do things in the bedroom that no one else could. I live in spring Texas and have dated from many different races. I really found myself becoming intrested in them in high school. I have never date a white guy (I have not dated much at all) but I find myself extremely attracted to them! My interactions with whites were almost always positive tho, and as i reached... I couldn't let him leave this area after his project without letting him know how I've been feeling. I am a women who truly believes that love, TRUE love transcends in ethnic, racial, and even social background.

But in actuality, most people fall somewhere on a spectrum of attraction, fantasy, desire, and action with people of all genders.

The curiosity your friend has sparked in you could be just that — same-gender wonderings — or it could be the impetus for discovering that you are bisexual, and may be attracted to other women in the future.

Your dreams about your friend fall well within the range of normal sexuality.