You may not have heard it in over a decade, but it’s a sound you’ll never forget: the high-pitched, screeching tone of a dial-up modem that was an internet user’s punishment before the reward of connectivity.

And you may listen to it again, emitted by an early modem from 1982, as part of , an interactive exhibition at Here East in London that showcases 64 artifacts of the internet’s early history, from the first website to early ASCII art to one of the first visuals to go viral.

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Remember that “Dancing Baby” GIF of a 3D-rendered, animated infant from the 1990s? showcases them all on computers that each date to its content’s respective era, allowing visitors to experience and learn about stories from the web’s formative years that we may have forgotten.

It’s curated by Jim Boulton as part of his ongoing project, Digital Archaeology, which seeks to preserve key moments of internet culture and raise awareness of the need to do so, through various exhibitions.“The first website appeared on the internet in 1991,” Boulton told Hyperallergic. The first five years of the web — its formative years — have not been archived.

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Unlike dirt-filled dig sites, excavating the archaeology of the internet unearths things many people have actually experienced firsthand.

reminds us of the relationship between the fast-developing web and memory — how, increasingly, the internet breeds short attention spans, even when it comes to phenomena that captivate us. ) Notably, the exhibition invites visitors to mine their own pasts for digital objects that hold personal meaning.We also recommend you to add photos: good picture increases the likelihood of finding a person who meets all of your expectations.It is on this page, starting an online dating service for real, use your webcam for that would increase their chances at times!Please choose a valid email address.", "error_wrong_username_password": "Identification impossible.Your username\/account ID or password was not recognised.", "error_username_suspended": "Your account is suspended.Any visitor can bring in obsolete media and receive assistance from experts at the British Library who will migrate the inaccessible historical works to modern formats.