The best way to gather all of these questions is to simply interview the “stakeholders”.

A stakeholder is someone who has an interest in how the site is working or how the site is being used.

Look into these tools to get a better picture of your overall Reach.

Once a visitor responds to your company’s message via Reach by clicking through to your website, you have a “Connect”.

Also, the data you collect may be inaccurate and segmentation non-existent.

It is very important to have a process or methodology to implementing web analytics tagging Some of what I have learned from working with various clients will be presented in this post.

Essentially, you have reached someone with your message.

From a web analytics standpoint, this can be difficult to measure, as in most cases, web analytics measurements start when the visitor reaches your website.The end goal is to get these HCP’s to prescribe that drug or therapy to patients who have that particular disease or condition.As you can see here, for this pharma company, their key metrics are – Reach, Connect, Educate and Motivate.You can get this data from tools by Google, Bing and Yahoo.Each of these three companies has their own suite of “webmaster tools”.Enabling all the parameters you have available can increase the overhead on your analytics tool, and can sometimes cause you to hit limits on the amount of data that can be processed.