One key item that I ignored is organic search page results.

If your SEO is good, then whenever your company name and message appear to a prospect in an organic search results page, you have also reached this person with your message.

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You can phrase this another way – If you can’t derive actionable insights off of any collected data, then don’t collect it.

Once you know the business questions and how to use your analytics package, you can then determine the site KPIs, as I had discussed earlier.

Look into these tools to get a better picture of your overall Reach.

Once a visitor responds to your company’s message via Reach by clicking through to your website, you have a “Connect”.

A Connect is visit to your site that is not from where a visitor either types in the URL or bookmarks the site.

It is a visit that comes directly from a marketing campaign.

The most fundamental question is – “Why does your website exist?

” Other general questions include: These are just a few of the literally hundreds of different types of questions you may be asked about your company’s website.

For example, I’ve seen a client set up a traffic variable that collects which checkboxes a customer would select as his shortcuts for a portal.

Yet no report was being used with this information (nor would one have been useful).

Also, the data you collect may be inaccurate and segmentation non-existent.