She antagonizes not only Linus, but Charlie Brown as well. He was never given a true name, and was always referred to as "Rerun" after a comment that Lucy made about another younger brother being akin to a TV rerun.

Introduced in 1951, he started off as a sarcastic, deadpan little boy until Charlie Brown introduced him to Beethoven and the piano and gradually evolved into the musical prodigy and Beethoven fanboy he is today. He is also set as the catcher on the gang's baseball team.

I have a studio picture of us together with Walter Brennan, Butch Patrick, Bobby Riha and Andrea Sacino in the 'Schoolhouse Scene'."Pamelyn and her friend Pam Stedwell, playing at the studio on the Partridge Family bus after shooting an episode of Blondie. Pamelyn says she got her "first kiss" from friend Danny Bonaduce when they were age eight.

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Charlie Brown: I'd like to be President or a five-star general or a big-time operator... She has an unrequited crush on Linus, whom she calls "sweet babboo". Introduced two days into the strip, he initially acted much like a normal dog.

Patty and Violet: (simultaneously) Hello, there, Charlie Brown! Because Schulz had no truck with Animal Talk, the only way of knowing what Snoopy was thinking was to give him thought balloons.

Running Gags with him include trying to kick the football but having it pulled away, being the dedicated manager of a terrible baseball team (or, depending on Rule of Funny, being the terrible manager of a potentially good baseball team), and generally being the strip's Butt-Monkey-in-chief. She's not that bright, and sometimes prone to firing off sarcasm when Charlie helps her with her homework.

It was a sensitive and touching portrayal for which you can be properly proud.

Was equally delighted with your debut in 'Curiosity Shop' and was surprised to find that among your many outstanding talents you also sing.

One of the first characters to appear in the strip (she's there on its very first day!

), she and Shermy were both portrayed as older than Charlie Brown in the beginning.

Another fan points out that the Partridge Family didn't begin until a year after Blondie was cancelled.