Any person whose name is missing or not included in the voters list Maharashtra will be barred from voting even if they hold a valid voter ID card.

Maharashtra Chief Electoral Officer oversees the complete conduct of elections in the state.

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The CEO has also started Voters Help Centres (VHC) which has been created only for helping voters.

You can search the VHC of your area on the official website of CEO Maharashtra using the CEO Maharashtra search engine available on the site.

The reason: she finds the voter registration process cumbersome and time-consuming.

The National Voter Service Portal (NVSP), which was launched in January this year, provides single-window services to the electors.

The website allows you to locate your polling station on the map and request for transposition within a constituency.

The website also accepts application for inclusion of name in electoral roll by an overseas elector.In addition to this, the online portal also has information related to elections.From elections results to election budget to affidavits and much more, the site is truly a one stop for all your election need.The Maharashtra voters list is nothing but a list prepared by various EROs across the state for their constituency.Each and every assembly in each & every city/town/village in Maharashtra has its own voters list.In case you choose to search by name then you have two more options; assembly wise search and district wise search. But if you want to search using only ID then you need to know only your district and ID card number.