I am very interested in knowing the answer to the question and would like to know the rationale behind Mrs Bachchan's behavior.

And last week, the actor even bumped into them in Goa. She's a professional surfing trainer and brand ambassador for sportswear manufacturer, Billabong. She loved him and wanted a marriage but VO felt he wasn't ready or as emotionally involved as her.

She met Vivek last year when he had gone surfing while shooting in SA for Prince of Thieves. Grace and Vivek Oberoi were first spotted together at a Dilip Chhabria event last year. She left South Africa (where she lives) to be with Vivek and was willing to change her lifestyle for him.

Before that, here’s a special video for all Salman Khan fans. In this video he chided the press for peeking into his personal life.

We will tell you the funny Vivek Oberoi story after this video.

Salman is sitting in the front row while Vivek gestures to him from the stage under full glare of the media cameras.

Vivek Oberoi had to pay a heavy price for dating Aishwarya Rai (now Aishwarya Rai Bachchan).

Mumbai Mirror reports that Boyapati Srinu believes that Vivek, with his presence, will make the character look ruthless and menacing.

He’s crucial to the plot and the director believes Vivek who has impressed with his performances in films like Oberoi reportedly shot his introductory scene for the film recently in Vijayawada with 2,000 junior artistes.

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But VO wasn't looking for a serious relationship then so they parted ways," adds the source. "Yuvraj was seen last week in Goa with friends but was seen being very protective about Grace. Apparently, Yuvi has even introduced her to his mother and she dotes on Yuvraj's girlfriend.