Call Repaint to force the control to repaint its image immediately.

Platform: Exchange 2003 SP2 Client: Outlook 2003 cache mode Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

To withdraw an address change: Select your original site from the site selector.

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If you or another verified owner have incorrectly indicated a change of address for your site, you can withdraw that request after it has been made.

When you withdraw a change of address, it stops the process of updating URLs for your old site.

With Recovery Toolbox for Address Book, you can recover a document deleted by mistake.

Such a contact will be marked with a red cross in the list of recovered contacts.

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I tried the search function but couldn't come up with anything.If you don't do this, Google will see those directives the next time it crawls your site and might continue to redirect the URLs as instructed by the directive.Whether you are using the BDE or a client dataset to cache updates, you can handle these problem datasets by using an update object.To update a dataset Note: Sometimes, you need to use multiple update objects.Latest device and data security patches Improves overall device and data security.Demo version limitations: only first 10 entries in Windows Address Book can be recovered in . Also, you can use the Recovery Wizard of the Recovery Toolbox for Address Book tool to recover contacts from the Windows Address Book.