The American Medical Association advises doctors to “recognise that your personal conduct may affect your reputation and that of your profession,” and a spokesperson for the General Medical Council made it clear that regulators appreciate the need for balance.

“Medical students and doctors are entitled to a private life, and to use their time away from studying and work as they wish [they] should consider whether the images of what was fun at the time could cause embarrassment if they were accessed by patients, or the public, later.

If one’s personal profile—detailing hobbies, groups, interests, photos, and videos—were available only to true friends, there would be little cause for concern.

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Some include: The majority of current expert opinion advises caution in the use of social media, emphasizing that the risks of interacting with patients in online social forums may outweigh potential benefits.

In fact, some contend that absolute separation of personal and professional life is virtually impossible and recommend only a professional presence online.

Although he maintained that this had no bearing on his decisions, one wonders what he may have thought had Amy Polumbo applied to Emmanuel College that year.

Ms Polumbo, Miss New Jersey 2007, was thrust into the public eye last year when her title dangled perilously in the balance after lewd images from her Facebook profile surfaced in the national press.

In extreme cases such images could lead to a complaint being made.” The fact is that doctors and would be doctors are held to higher standards of personal conduct than other groups in society.

Saintly behaviour is neither demanded nor expected, but with the job there comes an expectation of a reasonable level of common sense and decency. The results were released in three (3) working days from the last day of examination.One of the problems arising is how we choose to define a friend online.This may have been a conscious decision in some cases, but more likely it reflects a widespread ignorance of the enhanced privacy settings that are available.This is hardly surprising, given that website providers, in their efforts to reassure nervous users, have produced a multitude of confusing options. Students are using these networking tools to show their support for causes, exchange answers to exam questions, and disseminate course notes, in addition to sharing the mandatory photos of alcohol fuelled antics.