1921 SINGER 66 'RED-EYE' The most recent addition to my collection is a treadle head of a 1921 model 66 with the decals known as 'Red-eye'.

vintage singer sewing machine dating-35

Based on the serial number, this machine was produced in Germany sometime between 19.

It has a shuttle style bobbin and came with a number of attachments.

Hand cranks are operated by turning a handle on the wheel (which is on the right of the machine).

Treadles have a belt that connects that wheel to a pedal system that is moved by foot.

In July 1862, he delivered his first machine to the master shoemaker Jacob Peter from Kaiserslautern.

Georg Michael Pfaff sewing machines were sold until 1866 by various manufacturers and then began to recreate Singer sewing machines and to build its own plant in Mozart Street.

EARLY 1900'S FRISTER & ROSSMAN Frister & Rossman was a German manufacturer; this case is walnut with inlays.

Even the base of the machine has inlays of the brand name and a ruler.

This is the only chainstitch machine in my collection.