But then I got chatting to the brilliant women in STEM sitting around my table.

Over chocolate cake, they told me about the cool things they are doing in STEM, their start ups, their achievements, and I felt excited -- women leading in STEM isn't so much an aspiration as something that is already happening right now. The following day I was coincidentally a panelist myself, at a Women in STEM event at Georgetown University.

The protest parade featured a brass band complete with tuba and a variety of masked protesters.

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This information depressed me for the rest of the day.

Klawe reported her intriguing finding at the Future Tense Women in STEM event in Washington DC last week.

Despite my success and growing interest though, I opted for humanities at A level and university – just as the majority of my sex seem to be doing.

Evidence behind the leaky pipeline, a metaphor for the continuous loss of women in STEM as they climb the career ladder, shows only 20 per cent of girls continue from GCSE physics to A level.

Gender-blind evaluation of candidates for senior jobs doesn't fix the leak if women are tending to minimize their skills compared to men.

Ensuring women are shortlisted for STEM vacancies don't fix the leak if hirers still subconsciously choose men over women with the same qualifications anyway.

Dayton, Your water legacy is going down the tubes." She was among about 100 people who marched and gathered outside an Enbridge pipeyard near Cromwell Monday afternoon. "We should honor their treaties." Bob King / [email protected] by a group of Anishinaabe drummers, about 100 people march down County Road 6 in Carlton County to the entrance of an Enbridge oil pipe storage yard Monday afternoon. "We had squads there to make sure the group was able to safely carry out their right to peaceably assemble, while also maintaining safety on the roadways for the motoring public."More than 100 people calling themselves "water protectors" arrived along Carlton County Road 6 in a caravan of vehicles, including a Twin Cities coach bus filled with people.

They seemed to come from all over to an event organized by both the non-profit indigenous justice agency Honor the Earth and the Makwa Initiative, the camp assembled outside Cloquet in protest of Enbridge's proposed Line 3 replacement project.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website shows an active construction stormwater permit for the "Cromwell Storage Yard" scheduled to run through December 2018, and first issued in July 2015.

There are several other MPCA construction stormwater permits issued throughout Carlton County, including one for a Kwik Trip project and two other pipe yards.

But the main message of the day was that attracting women into STEM is just the first step Nobel prize winner Carol Greider explained that the issue is not just a deficit of women entering the STEM pipeline; rather, the key challenge is that the pipe is leaky.