This information depressed me for the rest of the day.

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Pipe stacked four rows high was spread across 35 acres as the marching protesters sang and clung together against a bitter crosswind."They're terrified," Ta'Sina Sapa Win said of Enbridge to the crowd.

"It's going to take a lot more than the arrests of the past six months to make us go away."She was referring to protests and direct actions dating back to August — including access blockages and heavy-equipment lockdowns on construction sites outside Superior which have led to several arrests for misdemeanor charges.

Deer River High School freshman Brianna Matrious came to the rally with her mother.

However, as I advanced through the year groups, I became more interested in science and managed to chalk up two As in my science and advanced science GCSEs.

While slapping patches on the pipe may help stop some of the leaks and help women get ahead, it is often a simplistic fix because the root of the problem isn't just practical.

Implementing flexible working doesn't fix the leak if women decline it for fear of incurring subtle career penalties.Women in STEM seem to be reaching a critical mass, and hopefully we'll soon be done with token patches along the STEM career gauntlet. Women are asserting their right to succeed, and that means the leaky pipe is set for a sophisticated and inclusive redesign in this generation. Protesters stand at the entrance to an Enbridge oil pipe storage yard (pipes in background) south of Cromwell to protest Enbridge Line 3 Monday afternoon. Illegal pipes off stolen land." Bob King / [email protected] Peterson (right), who lives in the Duluth area, holds a model of an oil pipeline which completes the sentence "Gov. — A rally in rural Carlton County on Monday drew a parade of protesters marching down the center of a county road — pastoral round hay bales on one side and a stockpile of pipe meant for the still-uncertain Line 3 replacement on the other."It was peaceful," Carlton County Sheriff Kelly Lake said of the protest, in which there were no arrests.The replacement is under construction in Canada and Wisconsin, but awaiting the outcome of a review process in Minnesota."In the case of the Line 3 Replacement Project," Gustafson said, "our final pipe delivery is not expected until the end of the second quarter of 2018 which is in line with our anticipated construction start at the end of 2018, pending regulatory approval."In a position paper in November about the stockpiles of pipe, Honor the Earth said the accumulated pipe undermined the state's ability to conduct an objective review process.The stockpiles "introduced enormous bias into the court of public opinion, as rural communities across Northern Minnesota have now spent years living with pipe for the proposed project transported on their roads and piled in their backyards," said the paper.The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website shows an active construction stormwater permit for the "Cromwell Storage Yard" scheduled to run through December 2018, and first issued in July 2015.