Our team has many group series and workshops for our individual guests and couples including same sex partners.“I had my last one at 43,” Kidman told Elle when discussing pregnancy.

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"I like that back and forward, a little bit like ' Baby, It's Cold Outside' or ' Paradise by the Dashboard Light' -- really more of a conversation."The chorus to "The Fighter" poured out during his Uber ride to the studio, and Urban hummed it the entire trip, anxious to work on it before he forgot it.

Busbee was already there when Urban arrived at Kensaltown, and he started building a track as Urban played the chords, with busbee singing the female part in falsetto as a placeholder.

In order to further connect students and build new communities Masorti on Campus announced a second conference with an expanded reach; speakers included the President of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life.

It's hooky, effervescent, distinct and uplifting. And it pairs two superstars at their commercial peaks.

Urban had already worked with songwriter-producers Nile Rodgers (Chic, David Bowie) and busbee (Maren Morris, Lady Antebellum) on “Sun Don’t Let Me Down," and he asked busbee to hop over to London to write at Kensaltown Studios during a three-day stretch. But that title was set aside on day two when Urban found inspiration during his commute.

He heard Charlie Puth’s duet with Meghan Trainor, “Marvin Gaye,” and the male/female combination intrigued him."I thought Id love to write a duet that is more of the girl asking something and the guy answering," says Urban.

The words to that section were hammered out on yet another day. The album was to be mastered on March 25, 2016, to make the May 6 street date, and “The Fighter” was the only unfinished track. Louis on March 23, so busbee and engineer Dave Clauss flew in to meet her at Smith Lee Productions, a studio that works more often with corporate clients than on commercial recordings.

Its design features a nondescript exterior and a brick-faced control room.

"The song is about wanting to heal somebody, wanting to take care of somebody, wanting to protect somebody.

It’s really like a vow in so many ways.""The Fighter" came to fruition when Urban was playing the supportive role in his marriage, spending time in London while actress Nicole Kidman starred in the West End production of during the fall of 2015.

When the chorus was done, they used the same chord structure to form a more subdued set of verses."When you have a chorus that feels so immediate like that, the point of the verses is to really stay out of the way of that," says busbee.