Installation requires Windows Vista and is only intended for use on computers where the hardware accelerated version cannot be run.

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Sometimes, Windows Movie Maker shows a black screen with only audio output during the playback.

Incompatibility is the main reason for a black screen in Windows Movie Maker.

Hence, try to play the video in other media players (for instance, if it is a file use VLC player) and also, try to open other video files in Windows Movie Maker.

If other videos work fine in WMM or the file which shows the black screen in Movie Maker exhibits the same issue in other players, then that gives black screen using an efficient video repair tool.

The Movie Maker in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 had more transitions and support for DVD burning.

The next version of Movie Maker was released as part of Windows Vista and – like most Windows components – reported version number 6.0.6000, same as Windows Vista itself.

As the previous version of Windows Movie Maker was no longer included with the operating system, the only way to obtain Movie Maker on Windows 7 and later was through the Windows Live Essentials suite, although some manufacturers pre-installed the application on new PCs.

An updated version, Windows Live Movie Maker 2011, was released on August 17, 2010, adding features such as webcam capture, support for high-definition video, the ability to upload videos directly to Sky Drive and Facebook, and the ability to add media files stored on network shares to projects.

It included new effects and transitions, support for playback on the Xbox 360, and support for the DVR-MS file format that Windows Media Centre records television in.

The HD version in Premium and Ultimate editions of Windows Vista also added support for capturing from HDV camcorders.

The first release of Windows Movie Maker was included with Windows ME in 2000.