As of March 2011, no Final Fantasy games in the main series had been released on, or announced for, the Wii.Like other consoles in the seventh generation, the Wii was an Internet-enabled device that had access to online multiplayer games, a Web browser and an RSS interpreter as well as to select streaming video services.You can install the Homebrew Channel as part of the Hack Mii Installer by seeing the Installation part of this page. In the VERY unlikely case that your Wii gets bricked by the installer, this will let you know where you stand in regards to Team Twiizers.

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Once installed, users can access the channel from the Wii System Menu just like any other Wii channel.

It can launch or install homebrew applications from an SD or SDHC card or via TCP/USB Gecko using Wiiload.

The native RSS service, Wii Connect/24, was shut down in mid-June 2013.

Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service, which enabled online features in select Wii games, was shut down in late May 2014.

The installation should be automatic from this point on, and your Wii will reboot.

The DVD method requires a drivechip and won't work with the 3.3 firmware update or newer.

In order to make icons for the Homebrew Channel show up, they must be in format with dimensions of 128x48 pixels. Copy it into the folder of the application under the name "icon.png" (e.g. The Hack Mii Installer will automatically choose an appropriate (unpatched) IOS to use when installing the Homebrew Channel; if you attempt to defeat this safety measure by replacing its IOS with a corrupted version, you may experience an "impaired HBC experience" (an upside-down screen or a warning message at every startup). As of 1.0.7, The Homebrew Channel is capable of theming.

The images and fonts are stored in a, which can be executed like a from the Homebrew Channel.

All Final Fantasy titles on the console were affected.

The Wii was also backward-compatible with Game Cube hardware and software.

Being able to pop the bubbles in the background of the HBC was a frequent request, and as of 1.0, it is possible.