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Simply plug in your Garmin device via its USB port, download and install Express for Mac or Windows, and open the application.

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You may also sync fitness and golf devices directly into Garmin Connect when you are logged onto that service.

If you update your device operating system, after Express informs you that the update is complete, disconnect your device, then turn it on to re-start it and activate the new operating system.

Nextar is pleased to offer users of many of our most popular GPS units the opportunity to easily update their systems and have the most accurate, current information right at their fingertips.”Installing the updated maps does not require a computer or internet connection.

Users simply insert the SD card into the unit’s SD slot then download the card’s contents.

Its text-to-speech function provides directions in either English, Spanish, or French.“For any GPS device to be useful 100% of the time, it needs to have the very latest information,” said Eddy Zheng, Nextar founder.

“Nothing frustrates a driver more than being provided wrong or outdated directions.Aviation is a separate and highly regulated part of Garmin's database offerings.The Fly Garmin site serves as your central resource for staying on top of the latest information and keeping your data current.You may purchase street map packs as downloads, or as SD card updates.I actually prefer SD card updates for their simplicity and ease of use.Another big change in map updates is that more of them are free.