But to make a really sleek application which can provide cool features like upload progress, image preview, and multiple file uploads may take a good deal of work in DHTML.Supporting an app like this on multiple browsers on multiple operating systems increases the level of complexity.

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These latter items can be created with Flex, but using the right tool for the job is always a good idea. The SWF file runs in a web browser or on a desktop.

Suffice it to say, the Flash player is installed on 99% of the Internet-enabled computers, so I wouldn’t worry about users who can’t use this application.

Flex provides a collection mechanism to ensure data synchronization and provide both simpler and more sophisticated data access and manipulation tools.

The Array List class is more lightweight and provides most of the same functionality as the Array Collection class.

Controls that display application data are sometimes referred to as data provider controls.

An Array List is like an Array, but it provides additional methods that you can use to manipulate the data.

Also, always use a forward slash (/) when specifying the URL for the HTTPService control.

Using a backslash works when you test your Flex application offline, but may not work on your server because it may be URL encoded to \. This will prevent the application from being able to make remote network calls.

It is important here to emphasis the XML factor of Flex.

You could write this application using Flash, but Flex brings the ‘ease of use’ in creating a user interface and connecting data to it.

It does not, however, support sorting, filtering, or cursors.