Looking at the current technology options for creating a custom uploader leaves a lot to sift through.

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Websites like Youtube and Flickr have had a great deal of success by primarily focusing on user-generated content.

Because so many people are uploading media, making the process as easy as possible makes the most sense.

Many Spark components, including all list-based controls, get their data from a data provider, an object that contains data required by the control.

For example, a Combo Box control's data provider determines the items in the control's drop-down list.

What Flex brings to the able Flex is a technology that gives us the ability to write Rich Internet Applications (RIAa) using an XML-based language (known as MXML) and Action Script.

It differs from Flash in that it is geared toward applications, not animations or games.If you’ve worked with trees before, they’re fun except when you have to update their data Provider. Copy it, paste it into Flex Builder and press “Run”.Then it’s not so fun because it collapses the tree and does not reopen it. The two key elements of the tree are the open Items property and the render event.When a user presses the Add A Blogger button, Flex adds a fourth blogger's name to the Array List.Because the Array List provides notifications to its host component, the new name immediately shows up in the List control.However, if your control must be able to handle different types of collections — for example, either an Array Collection or an XMLList Collection — you should bind your data provider to a property of type ICollection View as all collection classes implement the ICollection View interface, as shown in the following snippet: Loading in and displaying external data is a very common feature in rich Internet applications.