June 1, 0915-1030; June 1, 1045-1200, 3 CPEs 14A/B. Competencies – Accounting Concepts, Policies, and Principles – 1.5 hrs (PL3) and Budget Concepts, Policies and Principles – 1.0 hrs (PL3).

In addition, an overview of different techniques used to integrate budget and performance will be provided.

Examples highlighting the effective use of performance data in supporting budget decision-making will be addressed. NASBA Field of Study: Business Management and Organization. Intended Audience: All levels of Financial Management.

In order to understand wider sustainability impacts of consumption and to successfully promote and implement sustainable consumption and production policies, there is a need to capture the whole life-cycle impact of products and services across international supply chains.

Multi-region input–output (MRIO) databases are a well described and suitable foundation for global sustainability analyses addressing a wide range of policy and research questions.

CDFM Module 1 (Resource Management Environment) is an intensive one-day (eight hours) mini-course that addresses the material covered in the Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC) related to the Management of Government Resources. Competencies – Budget Concepts, Policies, and Principles (PL3) – 3.5 hrs; Budget Formulation, Justification, and Presentation (PL3) – 0.5 hrs; Budget Execution (PL3) – 1 hr; Financial Management Analysis (PL3) – 2 hrs; Decision Support (PL1) – 1 hr.

Individuals who have completed a significant amount of exam preparation and are looking for a final review prior to taking the exam may find this course helpful. (Total PL1 credit hrs: 1; Total PL3 credit hrs: 7) .

walks the students through completing the Do D FM Certification in the Do D FM LMS using the 3-Step Process.

The 3-Step Process includes: Record Course, Upload Documentation, and Request Approval. Intended Audience: All levels of Financial Management. Ed Fritts, Senior Financial Systems Analyst, Teksouth Corporation Joshua Cherkinsky, Senior Financial Systems Analyst, Teksouth Corporation Brandon Pittman, Senior Financial Systems Analyst, Teksouth Corporation Benjamin Cella, Program Manager, Teksouth Corporation During this workshop you will learn the techniques of creating and using Microsoft’s #1 analytical tool in Excel 2010.

We will develop a framework for life-cycle cost estimates and explain the use of present value analysis to support the comparison of alternatives over time. June 1, 0915-1030; June 1, 1045-1200, 3 CPEs Group Live Presentation. June 1, 1400-1515; June 1, 1545-1700, 3 CPEs The instructor will develop concepts that support performance management and budgeting at the unit or sub-organization level. Intended Audience: All levels interested in tools and ways to think about performance in government organizations and sub-units.