Any future updates will be installed automatically when an original Xbox title is played on the 360 console. Download the update by visiting the Xbox support page and opening the zipped file once it is on your computer.

If you are using Windows XP, you can open the zipped file as if it were a regular folder.

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Here are the instructions from To create an update disc you need the following: * A DVD or CD burner. I then stated that my Xbox failed to complete the update for what ever reason.

So in other words, I answered the original question from this thread.

Upgrading to an Xbox 360 doesn't mean you have to lose out on playing your favorite Xbox games.

The Xbox 360 just needs a hard disk drive and a quick update to make it compatible with first-generation Xbox titles.

I've got the dashboard update from Lost Odysey to work, but I still can't play files through Windows Media Player 11 ( Which is suposed to work after the fall update ). anyone knows if this is included in the file you download from Bob I don't think the encoding is the problem here.

its just that my xbox is asking for the Media Update which i cant get though xbox live (becauce im banned), so i am wondering if its included in the file from

If using an older version of Windows, you will need to use a program to unzip the file first. According to the Xbox support page, the file must be the only one on the disc--and not in a folder or directory-- and must be named to operate properly.

Insert a blank CD or DVD into your CD or DVD burner and burn the file you've downloaded.

i have triad three times to burn an update CD and all three times failed i have triad putting the zip file on the CD that did not work then i triad putting the unzipped folder on the CD that did not work and finely i tried to put the file itself on the CD and it still don't work can someone who successfully updated their system this way please help me but all help would be apricated I'm going to guess that this will never work unless you're running a hacked DVD-ROM firmware.