Looking around the space, I decided I needed to find something to help disguise the wall between this room and the garage.

updating a mobile home-66

This room is heavily used not only for laundry, but somehow became the drop-all, catch-all, dirty shoes and paws, walk thru room.

You know, the most used room in the house but the one I never really wanted to spend a lot of time in, let alone redecorate.

Look through alot of the post/pictures here and you will get a good idea of what is involved.

Don't forget to check out our BOOKS/PARTS link and grab yourself a copy of our Repair Manual, it will be priceless to you once you start this endeavor. It has two additions and would have been a waste to get a new one since that would have to be all re-done.

However, this room happens to be located just off our dining room and as mentioned, serves as the pass thru room to the garage and also provides access to the side and the back yards too.

It is the room our beloved pet uses to gain access outside to “do his business” and of course, where I do laundry.

So basically, this room is always in use all day, every day and needed some love and attention. First, the room was freshened up with leftover white paint and weird placed shelving found throughout the space was taken down which immediately helped this room feel larger and brighter.

Next, I searched thru my decorating closet and decided to utilize a gray striped shower curtain (which could withstand my pet and Mr.

Couple that with a dab of greenery sprinkled in and my multi-use laundry and pass-thru room is now a space which will endure the daily heavy usage while serving its main purpose of completing laundry chores.