My first questions are pretty simple, does the roof leak, and are the floors solid and appear level?

To me if these 2 things are in good repair then if you want to alot time and cash then you are good to go.

The home also had an permanent foundation that is insulated.

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The home already had a new roof with new rafters etc. When I bought it two years ago the 40% in the front was already gutted and re-done. If there is ever a problem I can just remove the covers and get to the plumbing without a problem. There was an existing kerosene heater that is vented through the wall and that heats the whole place in the daytime.

2x4 studs were added to the walls 2x6 was added to the ceiling. I put electric heaters in the two bedrooms and the bathroom. The kerosene heater takes care of the place in the daytime. We used a lot of pine planking to give it a rustic look. It'a neat se-up and looks and feels like a real house.

While these may be a bit unconventional for a laundry room, they actually bring unexpected charm to the space.

Looking further inside and outside the cottage and in my decorating closet for additional items I could use, I found a striped lampshade and lamp base, an old shutter, a wooden laundry sign (which I painted white), a small bench and a cute window all of which are now housed in this room.

Those had to be shaped to the shape of the ceiling. In this case it was worth doing because the house was in good shape and looks like the previous owners took good care of it.

If the home did not have the foundation, additionl roof and all the addtions it would not have made sense to do all this stuff.So basically, this room is always in use all day, every day and needed some love and attention. First, the room was freshened up with leftover white paint and weird placed shelving found throughout the space was taken down which immediately helped this room feel larger and brighter.Next, I searched thru my decorating closet and decided to utilize a gray striped shower curtain (which could withstand my pet and Mr.However, this room happens to be located just off our dining room and as mentioned, serves as the pass thru room to the garage and also provides access to the side and the back yards too.It is the room our beloved pet uses to gain access outside to “do his business” and of course, where I do laundry.Underbelly, same reply as above and can be a PITA to replace but can be done.