According to the scholars' interpretation of Ptolemy (Hrushevskyi 1997, Bunbury 1879, Mocsy 1974, Barbulescu and Nagler 2005) Dacia was the region between the rivers Tisza, Danube, upper Dniester, and Siret.

Guests can use on-site barbecue facilities or eat out in the cafes and restaurants nearby. Chernivtsi Train Station is 7 km away, and Chernivtsi International Airport is 3.5 km from Chernivtsi Apartments.

To enter Ukraine, a passport valid for the duration of stay is required by all nationals referred to in the chart above.

Single-entry visa: US$85; double-entry visa: US$130; multiple-entry visa: US$200.

Visas are usually valid for stays of up to 90 days within a six-month period, although the six months can be extended up to as much as five years according to individual circumstances.

During that period, the Geto-Dacians conquered a wider territory and Dacia extended from the Middle Danube to the Black Sea littoral (between Apollonia and Olbia) and from present-day Slovakia's mountains to the Balkan mountains.

″As for the southern part of Germany beyond the Albis, the portion which is just contiguous to that river is occupied by the Suevi; then immediately adjoining this is the land of the Getae, which, though narrow at first, stretching as it does along the Ister on its southern side and on the opposite side along the mountain-side of the Hercynian Forest (for the land of the Getae also embraces a part of the mountains), afterwards broadens out towards the north as far as the Tyregetae; but I cannot tell the precise boundaries″ On this basis, Lengyel and Radan (1980), Hoddinott (1981) and Mountain (1998) consider that the Geto-Dacians inhabited both sides of the Tisza river prior to the rise of the Celtic Boii, and again after the latter were defeated by the Dacians.At times Dacia included areas between the Tisa and the Middle Danube.The Carpathian Mountains are located in the middle of Dacia.Also we had interior parking for our car so we felt save about this.Taxi is really cheap to go from here to the city center (about 2 euro - 50-60 hryvna). Located a 2-minute walk from Olimpiya Staduim, Chernivtsi Apartments feature a sauna with a heated pool, free Wi Fi and free private parking.In the 2nd century AD, after the Roman conquest, Ptolemy puts the eastern boundary of Dacia Traiana (the Roman province) as far east as the Hierasus (Siret) river, in the middle of modern Romania.