Aries partners can be incompatible if they let this lead to constantly butting heads with each other.

However, if you let each others' impulses inspire you, the partnership can be made to work.

When these relationships fail, they often end with a tearful blowout.

Leo - Leo: A relationship between two Leos can be incompatible simply because one or the other feels the need to take the lead at all times.

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Capricorn - Capricorn: A Capricorn relationship can last for a long time, since each partner knows that the other needs a life outside of the relationship.

Respectful of each other's work and private time, Capricorn couples slowly form a deep bond of shared values.

Taurus - Taurus: A Taurus pair can be quite compatible, as both can sometimes have a homebody nature.

These two Earth Signs represent stability when joined.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius: Two Sagittarius people are difficult to keep together in a compatible relationship simply because each is competitive and often fears the other is infringing on his or her freedom.