If that's me just being myself, then I don't really care." "I've been doing this for so long and I needed a second to breathe," she said.

I have had many experiences with married woman, and enjoyed every one of them.

When the race finishes, Sonic asks Tails how they did, but the fox does not answer.

It took me two years to realise that the single thing that pissed me off the most about missing American Thanksgiving was not getting any time off.

I swear I’m not paid to constantly talk about Starbucks – I don’t even go there all that often.

On another note, my close friend just got married and he met his partner through your site and they were married within 3 months.

Would not have met my man without 'spice' Well, after 3 weeks on 'spice' and a couple of other meetings, I think I have met a great man!!

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Canada has a diversity that is unrivaled by other countries.Well my wife has a best friend who's hubby is no good at things around the house can't use a saw, a drill anything not sure he knows how to swing a hammer, He doesn't work on cars or computers not sure what he is good at and doesn't really matter he is a nice guy.I have a yearning for married ladies between the age of 30 to 50 They say that all the best ones are married and gone but I have noticed they are married but are still available for sex.From the minute my alarm clock would go off on Thanksgiving morning, I felt like I wanted to throw things and burst into tears.I’ll give you three guesses about what I do on Thanksgiving Day every year (and have done since my first expat Thanksgiving all the way back in 2005).There’s freakin’ LOADS of room on my list for more traditions, so bring it on.