Instead, she was a preoperative transsexual -- similar to Jaye Davidson in the 1994 movie The Crying Game.

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It was never the intention of Brighter Pictures or Sky to upset the contestants and they are sorry for any upset caused." So far there's no word if the controversial program might ever air in the United States -- although perhaps a bid by FOX to run it as a follow-on to next month's Playing It Straight would seem to be a natural fit!

, the concept was relatively simple; six straight British males fight for the attention of a beautiful Mexican model called Miriam Rivera. In the last episode – which was viewed by 1.4 million Brits, according to Rivera’s now defunct “fan site” – it is revealed she’s actually a trans woman.

Each of the men laugh hysterically, with the final scene framed as if to urge viewers to point at the screen and shout: “HA! ” “The contestants were disgusted because they felt they had been deceived into ‘acting gay’ and being gay was such a terrible thing back then,” remembers Shon Faye, a writer and comedian, who watched the show when she was just 14.

Faye, a trans woman, was still trying to make sense of her gender identity back in 2004.

and, according to reports, some of the production crew sympathized with the men's reaction and turned on Endemol and British network BSky B, a sister network to Fox in the U. As part of the settlement Brighter Pictures also issued a public statement apologizing for "any upset" caused by the program.

Said the statement: "Following the concerns recently raised by the contestants in Brighter Pictures production of Theres Something About Miriam for Sky One, the parties are pleased to announce that these have been addressed and the matter is now resolved.

Such TV and film portrayals are the reason why so many transgender people turn to sex work, she adds. In 2010, the reported that she was a £300-per-hour escort.

Her internet listing reportedly included the promotional line: “You probably heard about me being one of the most beautiful transsexuals in the world and famous for my reality show .” Nevertheless, the show was a big success for Endemol and Blumenfeld, and was syndicated in Australia, Argentina, the US and Poland.

At the end of the show, when the program had its "grand reveal" and the men found out that the "gorgeous creature" Miriam wasn't a gorgeous female, they went bonkers. law firm Skillings (which has also represented Nicole Kidman, J. Rowling and Naomi Campbell among others) to try to keep the show off the air.

One of the men, a Royal Marine, supposedly broke down crying from the "humiliation" when the deception was revealed ... Some of the bizarre claims framed by the Skillings lawyers for the lawsuit included defamation, personal injury and conspiracy to commit sexual assault (apparently because several of them had kissed and hugged Miriam).

To her and thousands of others, showed them one of the first real transgender women they’d seen on mainstream television.