48 years Tisha Campbell is active since 19 years in the musical career generally in R&B and Hip-hop.

On this one, we will let you peeps know about her married life with husband Duane Martin.

They have been married since 1996 and it appears as though the pair is quite happy.

Martin and Tisha history led to the creation of "Martin and Gina" for the TV Show Martin.

That project was successful until both stars decided to have a life outside of work, and Martin didn't take it too well.

I was a kid when it came on, so I didn't understand why the show disappeared.

Here is the reason why the Martin Lawrence show was taken off air by Fox.

If you put 2 and 2 together, Martin's New Movie Success Tisha's Frustration and Jealousy Tension on the Set= Show being cancelled.

Tisha Michelle Campbell-Martin is an American singer and actress who is widely known for her roles in television series like Martin and My Wife and Kids.

This gave her the excuse she needed to end the show and focus on her music.

Also, there was a rumor floating around about affairs and stalker cases. It's no secret that Martin and Tisha had history stemming from their work together in the "House Party" Movies.

Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, Thomas Mikal Ford, Carl Anthony Payne II, and Garrett Morris made up the series starring cast for most of its 5 seasons - a series that was one of Fox's highest-rated shows during its entire run.

According to Martin Lawrence, Trisha Campbell had a side deal that if she did the show the network would help her with her music career.

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