After you contact us, your project will be estimated by the owner of MJS Electrical Services. He will ask questions and listen to determine exactly what your project needs are.

We do not get paid until you are happy with the work.

With MJS Electrical Services there are never hidden charges or "the job ran longer" or “we didn’t know” or “we thought” charges.

Every project, large or small, is given careful thought and discussed with our customers.

We make sure you are well informed and know exactly what will be delivered.

Having said that, I am a very fit and healthy guy and my hormones are pretty high (wink).” Ok…Abhinav you just confessed about your high testosterone levels to your female fans.

The video which was uploaded on Facebook yesterday afternoon quickly spread like wildfire on local social media platforms, where it came to the attention of police, who confirmed they had had a complaint and were looking into the video to see if those involved should face assault charges.

Rajesh and I are good friends and we like to pull each other’s leg.

He doesn’t call me ‘rat’ but a ‘jungle boy’ in real life.

If you’re as squeamish as I am, you probably hope that the flesh-rending abattoir on display here has been set up for similar “display purposes only”: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: In a well-stocked dungeon like this one, you find pretty girls shackled to the walls in every other corridor. She was a bit shy about coming at first, but her inhibitions soon disappeared and she felt like she always belonged to that community.