This engaging program began in the summer of 1974 and ran until 1976 (both in daytime and in syndication) and was revived a number of times. Jack Narz was host as contestants tried to decipher words hidden inside a puzzle grid.

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Two contestants on each episode got to choose from thirty wrapped packages displayed centerstage.

They had a shot at the usual game show prizes (washer-dryers and Turtle Wax), or a chance at the grand prize - a check for $25,000 (that's about $125,000 in today's dough). To heighten the suspense, Edwards would peek into the box before the contestant got a look and go through a number of fake-outs before he sprung the actual prize on them.

features three original "game show" formats which are: Control Freak, Puzzle Addict and Brain Strain!

as you and your friends become "contestants" on the best "game show" out there.

This was the first and only video game adaptation to be licensed by the channel itself.

Hosted by Larry Lightfoot, This is a standard quiz show in which you answer a series of questions from a randomly chosen category.Very funny and incredibly exciting, The New Treasure Hunt ran for three years but received a lot of criticism for being too exploitative (?!? Chuck Barris wrote the show's lovely, melodic end theme (this clip from the original music master).High Rollers Alex Trebek hosted this casino-style dice game." Geoff Edwards was the MC as a gang of players competed on one crowded stage.,000 was the possible final prize - big money for a game show, even now.This was Geoff Edwards' shining moment - emotionally torturing his overly-excited contestants for laughs.