And this makes the story both clear and unimaginable, open and inaccessible.

More We need to know not just what kind of past the Brexiteers imagine, but what kind of future they are after.

If you look at the at the evidence below all the girls are either naked or very attractive or both. These "friend requests" are all automated just like the emails that we have received.

How do you receive 23 emails in under one day on a dating site?

The answer is either you're very good looking, rich or the site is a scam.

One disconcerting possibility is that figures such as Liam Fox and Jacob Rees-Mogg might be willing to believe the dismal economic forecasts, but look on them as an attraction.

More Given the state of the opinion polls – and their general unreliability; they were off in 2013, exaggerating the PD’s chances – it’s impossible to say what the outcome of the election will be, even in terms of how many seats each party is likely to get.

This was the only site that I reviewed that I knew I wasn’t going to get laid on. Out of the 27 replies I received to my introduction email (27 out of 180 is a pathetic number, by the way), only 2 or 3 of them led to an actual conversation.

There were a couple of other sites I had some doubts, but I was certain I had no shot of getting laid before I even signed up. The other women sent one response and I never heard from them again.

We have included evidence below, all the profiles have the letter circled in red.

Every single girl who emailed us has the letter in their profile signifying that they are actually a fake profile (see vidence below).

unfortunately in this situation the latter answer is correct.

This site is operating a well organized scam that sends emails to people shortly after they have registered with a free account on Fuck

Fuck doesn't hide the fact that they actually have fake dating profiles.