(The book is “When Heaven and Earth Traded Places”) The visit to the orphanage and the home for the elderly was so much more than I expected it to be.It was emotional, but it was good to be able to bring food, clothing, and treats for the children.

thank you for being accommodating-44

Thank you for being so accommodating and making it an exciting adventure for us.

We truly enjoyed the temporary housing that you found for us and can never thank you enough for your assistance.

It was like he KNEW us and was able to touch our hearts in different ways and perspectives.

We were all touched by the things he did and showed us.

Without hesitation he said he could be there in 45 minutes and was standing outside our hotel with 2 bikes ready to go.

I wanted to see a glimpse of my mother’s childhood and he pointed things out that were images of what my mom’s childhood was like.

For example, my mother was singing a song as we walked to the Citadel and he heard her.

He took his phone out and played the song she was singing, then gave the phone to her and told her to take a walk and listen to it.

We stopped at random places and he would direct me to take pictures of certain things and then explain what it was about. As he did for my mother, I told him about a song that my mother used to sing when I was a child.