The last year and a half have been an extraordinary opportunity for me to do something that really makes me feel proud.

Thank you for being so accommodating and making it an exciting adventure for us.

We truly enjoyed the temporary housing that you found for us and can never thank you enough for your assistance.

We stopped at random places and he would direct me to take pictures of certain things and then explain what it was about. As he did for my mother, I told him about a song that my mother used to sing when I was a child.

He had us stop at a rice field and turned on the song that he had on his phone and told me to listen to it.

“I just want to thank you for being so amazing to me.

You have always been so kind, friendly and accommodating to me and I really appreciate that.

For example, my mother was singing a song as we walked to the Citadel and he heard her.

He took his phone out and played the song she was singing, then gave the phone to her and told her to take a walk and listen to it.

He knew so much about the history and culture of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and all the places he took us to.