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Besides work I'm currently working towards my Masters degree and am very slowly learning to fly.

What was Tex Mc Iver thinking when he asked for the gun that would kill his wife?

We know what he said that night from the back seat of their Ford Expedition, his wife in the seat in front of him, their friend Dani Jo Carter behind the wheel, driving them the last few miles from the Mc Ivers’ 86-acre spread in Putnam County to their 15th floor condo above Buckhead.

“This is a bad area.” We know what he told Atlanta Police Detective Darrin Smith three days later, when he was recalling their exit off the highway, the left turn that took them through the underpass beneath the interstate, a fear that feels more suited to the downtown Atlanta of 20 years ago than to late September 2016.

“My dismay was [it] seemed like every turn we made, the street was darker and there were more people milling about. It had, after all, been a summer of anger across America.

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Now you will become popular among pretty people who will beg for a date with you!Turned out that Diane Mc Iver was even shot not far from the Driving Club’s front entrance. What kind of symbol says more about who we are than who he is.To those close to him, convinced that he loved Diane without question and could no more shoot her intentionally than sprout wings and fly out of his jail cell, Tex is a victim of reverse prejudice, a convenient scapegoat for a society riven by class and racial resentments.As successful as she’d been in business—at her death she was U. Enterprises president—her first marriage at age 40 had been a mistake.But Tex was persistent, and she finally agreed to join him for dinner at his apartment.Carter had run into traffic—“just a parking lot,” she would tell police—on the Connector, so she exited onto Edgewood Avenue, rousing Tex from his slumber.