If you prefer to watch sports rather than play them, there is no shortage of prestigious sporting events and famous athletes in Spain.Watch the Formula 1, important tennis matches or catch an exciting Real Madrid or FC Barcelona European football game… THEME PARKS AND WATER PARKS Spain has more theme parks than any other European country!Cuevas (PI), Chiara Sabina, Marc Swatt and Rebecca Cudmore. National Institute of Justice, “Dating Violence Among Latino Teenagers” July 21, 2016, from NIJ.gov:

Romantic relationships are an important part of growing up for most teenagers.

Unfortunately, some teens experience dating violence. Although research is improving our understanding of these relationships, there are many things we still need to learn.

Isla Mágica, in Seville, recreates important moments in history such as the American Conquest.

Terra Mítica Park, in Alicante, is also dedicated to ancient times with various attractions and monuments from different civilizations.

The lifestyle in Spain revolves around taking in fresh air, walking and carrying out one's life in the city center.

This allows teenagers in Spain to enjoy a certain freedom that they may not be able to experience elsewhere.This study did not explore why experiences of dating violence led to decreased feelings of school connectedness.Understanding this association, however, is critical for developing and delivering interventions that adequately address the needs of students who experience dating violence and is an important avenue for future research.Finding ways to engage these teens or to reach them in other settings could make dating violence intervention or prevention programs more effective.Third, the finding that teens who did not report dating violence in the first study and who had strong social support and lived with other children suggests that social and familial support might serve as a key prevention factor.Spanish teenagers can also have fun from coast to coast in this country blessed with over 3,000 kilometers of coastline.