But don’t expect the man who took the reins of Synovus Financial Corp.in 2010, becoming its chief executive officer and guiding the regional bank back from recessionary days to sustained profitability, to give an inch to its competitor with the naming rights for the sparkling new venue.Let us help you unlock the power of data by using analytical tools and reporting solutions.

The bank headquartered in Columbus will purchase certain assets from a bank owned by Cabela’s, sell the credit-card portfolio to Capital One, then keep $1.2 billion in brokered time deposits, plus get $75 million for helping with the transaction.

(Synovus to make $75 million, retain deposits in Bass Pro-Cabela’s merger) Its participation in the deal immediately raises the visibility and profile of Synovus nationally, Stelling conceded in the discussion after the shareholder meeting, while also bringing an infusion of money that the company possibly can use to reach long-term financial goals. I won’t go into the exact details because it involves four parties and everybody has their own regulatory filings,” he said. It’s an opportunistic transaction for us.” The bankholding firm that traces its charter to 1888 and eventually was born out of Columbus Bank and Trust is now looking to promote the Synovus name even more.

Ultimately, it’s the customer that will win.” Asked as well if he has any worries as a banker, even as his company is putting its Great Recession troubles far behind it now, the CEO said regulatory hurdles remain, and he hopes no more are added to the mix. — political, financial and others — and yeah I worry about them,” he said. I can control what our team does, or I hope I can control or encourage what our team does, and make a difference in the lives of our customers every day.” With the progress the company has made in recent years and the potential ahead of it, Stelling, who turned 60 last summer, said he’s in no hurry to leave Synovus. I really do love the team that hung together during the (recession) crisis.

He believes the foundation of Synovus will serve the company well no matter what, with its strong reputation and the solid “talent” that it puts “on the field” each day to make decisions and serve customers in a world transitioning to mobile and digital banking. That could mean another five years or more at the helm of the bank that oversees about $30 billion in assets. So as long as our board will have me, yeah, I plan to be here ...

A change that has been percolating for several years will take place May 1, 2018. and 800 Shorter Ave., will take the name of its parent corporation, Synovus and drop Citizens First.

Northwest Georgia President Scott Preston said that Synovus will start marking the change across its entire network of banks early in January.As long as I’m healthy and as long as I feel like I’m making a difference, then I want to continue to work. “At the point that I’m not making a difference, then maybe the board will gently tell me it’s time to do something else. Employees should be relocating there in August and September.“We actually lit the sign on our new building the night before the new stadium opened,” he said.“So as people worked their way through traffic to and from the game, I hope they saw the red glow of the Synovus letters and really enjoyed the experience.