What are colloquially known as SSL certificates should be referred to as X.509 certificates.

The term SSL certificate became common due to the adoption of the X.509 (one of the ITU X.500 Directory standards) certificate format by Netscape when it designed the original versions of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, eons ago, when the world was still young, dinosuars still roamed, and the Internet was a friendly place.

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In addition, a number of extensions are defined in RFC 3546 when TLS is used in bandwidth constrained systems such as wireless networks, RFC6066 defines a number of TLS extensions carried in an extended client hello format (introduced with TLS 1.2), RFC6961 defines a method for reducing traffic when a client requests the server to supply certificate status information.

And RFC 7935 now defines what happens to TLS (and DTLS) when used in the Io T (Internet of Things or Thingies as we, in our iconoclastic way, prefer).

The RFC may also be viewed at XXXX/ which also contains various RFC status information (including errata) together with a list of alternative formats, such as, text, PDF and HTML (this is the working area version of the document). We update the page from time-to-time when we can think of nothing better to do with our lives and now keep a change log in case you ever happen to read it twice. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a Netscape protocol originally created in 1992 to exchange information securely between a web server and a browser where the underlying network was insecure.

It went through various iterations and is now at version 3 (dating from 1995) and used in a variety of clientserver applications.

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Creating self-signed certificates is presented as a worked example of the use of the Open SSL package.

We've also added some info on the contents of various file types (.pem, .p12, .pfx, .der, .cer), PEM keywords and a PKCS to RFC mapping list.

The main repository for RFCs is maintained by the IETF, text versions (the normative reference) may be viewed at org/rfc/rfc or (where XXXX is the 4 digit RFC number - left padded with zeros as necessary).