Most women on are in their 20s, but some are just 18.

Girls only nudest camp - Sugar daddies dating agency

PROTECT THE VULNERABLE We do not need such sites and I am all for a ban.

While this will not stop new ones from coming up, we should do what we can and the Government also needs to take a stand and protect as many people and families as possible, and also protect vulnerable and at-risk individuals from being exploited too.

Arrangement, a service that promises to link wealthy older men to young women who are hoping for a financial or other type of arrangement, posted a billboard on Interstate 35 in South Austin reading, "Undocumented immigrant?

Before you get deported – get a sugar daddy." Residents are upset about the implication that people would break immigration laws by, presumably, marrying in order to gain citizenship.

MP SEAH KIAN PENG A 19-year-old student, who calls herself Annab89, joined the website in March.

She wrote in her profile: "I am looking for a short-term sugar relationship, for now, though that most definitely could change.

The two can then meet off-line to determine what kind of "mutually beneficial relationship" they would like to have, according to the website.

The site is known for its controversial advertising.

Those who are more upfront list how much their time would cost.