However, when Justin uses magic against her once their father makes him realize what Alex has been doing, Alex has to contradict Justin's spells in order to be Riley's date, cleverly managing to win the game for Riley even with Jerry and Justin's attempts to foil her magic.

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Her best friend since childhood is Harper (Jennifer Stone), who often tries to keep her out of trouble.

Though she continues to torment her older brother Justin, the two seem to have a close bond that neither seem to have with any other characters on the show.

In the Season 1 episode "Potion Commotion", she drank both halves of a love potion and became obsessed with herself (so much so that when she made a reference to herself, her head expanded).

Even after the potion wore off, she expressed love towards herself by sending herself multiple amounts of flowers.

She is the daughter of Jerry and Theresa Russo, and sister to Justin and Max Russo; she is the middle child and only daughter.

As of the finale of the season, she is the Family Wizard after winning the Family Wizard Competition.Alex grew up with two brothers, Justin and Max, and her best friend, Harper Finkle.Alex is of Italian & Mexican descent, like her actress, Selena Gomez.It makes some fans think of how Justin usually complains about being blackmailed into helping her when she sometimes does ask for his help, yet sneaks to help her when she doesn't, revealing how much he actually enjoys playing a part in fixing Alex's mess-ups, furthering his need to follow what he has deemed the description of an older brother.In "Wizards vs Vampires" it was revealed that Alex has a criminal record with the Wizard Police, though none apparently have forced her to do any community service to work it off or anything too major.Alex is hardly ever shy when it comes to boys; she once went as far as to kiss a random boy named Matt to get back at Justin after he discovers that Alex had never had her first kiss in the season one episode "First Kiss".