Are you watching videos on your mobile device while you wait or are you watching the seconds on the clock monotonously tick bye?Why not surf the web on your phone and watch one of the plethora of funny dog videos or epic fail videos online.If you don’t want to see the mobile video site version of Vimeo, you can download the Vimeo app. You Tube When we checked out You Tube on a smartphone, we used the mobile app instead of going directly to the mobile video site.

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Netflix mobile video player is a great idea for film lovers everywhere.

The image on the i Phone was excellent in the presence of a strong Wi Fi connection.

The You Tube App on the i Phone allows for superfast download speed, with excellent image quality and a consistent streaming pattern.

It’s fair to say that You Tube was pretty much identical to Vimeo on the i Phone. The download speed was excellent and the streaming was consistent, however the initial image quality isn’t optimized.

Admittedly you have to pay for the service (it can be used on a cell phone if you already subscribe to the service), and the online streaming library isn’t as robust as the DVD library.

Still it’s pretty cool to watch a full-length movie on your mobile device.

We particularly liked the You Tube channelization of content. Netflix The popular movie and TV show rental site is also available as a mobile player.

In fact, if you want to watch videos on your phone or tablet you’ll need to download the Netflix app.

You’ll need to click the HQ in the corner of the screen and then the image quality is flawless.

It’s easy to search for other You Tube videos, add/view comments, and bookmark videos to watch later.

We could watch and easily find videos on the Metacafe site using an Android phone.