A neighbor, however, confirmed that Trevor has been staying at Michelle’s place and that the pair eat at a nearby pizza place [From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 4, 2008] It’s got to be hard for Michelle to see Heath’s face plastered all over in giant advertisements for The Dark Knight.

Whether his friend is just visiting and needed a place to stay while in NY or if he’s a new love interest it seems to be a positive thing that she has him around.

in Manhattan Wednesday night, the couple walked out of the auditorium with Jonze caressing Williams’ back and wrapping his arm around her waist.

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On Thursday Jaybird reported that Michelle Williams, 27, is said to be dating director Spike Jonze and that they were even seen kissing outside his apartment.

The story originated in notoriously wrong Star Magazine, though, and the kiss is described as “closed mouth on the corner of [the] lips.” Since Williams is an actress and Jonze is a director who worked with her on the much-anticipated film version of Where the Wild Things Are, it seems a little premature to say they’re dating just because they casually kissed each other goodbye.

A source tells Star: 'I saw Trevor, Michelle and Matilda out for an afternoon in the neighborhood.

They walked around chatting, went to a pizza joint for lunch and took the subway.

magazine reports the former Dawson's Creek actress, 27, has started dating film director Spike Jonze, ex-husband of Lost In Translation director Sofia Coppola.

Moving on: Michelle Williams, pictured at Cannes in May, is reportedly dating Spike Jonze after working with him on the upcoming film Synecdoche, New York Williams was devastated in January when her former fiancé Ledger died following an accidental drug overdose.

She was offered a part, but later withdrew from the film.

Actress Chloe Sevigny, who also auditioned for the movie, said last year: 'I auditioned for Spike Jonze on Where The Wild Things Are, but Michelle Williams got the part.

During their time on the movie - which Jonze produced - Williams was still dating Ledger, while he has been romantically linked to Drew Barrymore.